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Hang on, when do the clocks change again?

Posted at 12:35 pm, March 29, 2014 in News
The clocks are changing on March 30.

Hold onto your hats, London, as we prepare to manipulate the very fabric of time itself…

When are the clocks changing?

On Sunday March 30, at 1am. Or as you might also call it, ‘Saturday night.’ Uh-huh.

And do they go forwards or back?

They’re springing forwards, son! It’ll be all 00:58, 00:59, then BOOM, 02:00. 1am won’t even be a thing.

Clocks change from Greenwich Mean Time to British Summer Time in Spring, 2014.

And what will the effect be?

It means sunset on Sunday is going to be at 7.30pm! And light evenings will reign for the next six months. Let joy be uncon-fiddly-fined.

The only ‘downside’ is that sunrise will be at 6.40am rather than 5.40am, but if you’re awake early enough to notice, then quite frankly you’ve problems enough already.

Sounds fantastic. Who can I thank for this?

Meet William Willett, turn-of-the-century Builder With A Dream:

William Willett

Noticing that everyone was sleeping through the light mornings only to be surrounded by darkness in the evenings when they were actually awake, he campaigned vigorously for changing the clocks in his ‘A Waste of Daylight’ pamphlet, which you can enjoy in full here. He wrote:

‘Light is one of the great gifts of the Creator. While daylight surrounds us, cheerfulness reigns, anxieties press less heavily, and courage is bred for the struggle of life. Against our ever-besieging enemy, disease, light and fresh air act as guards in our defence, and when the conflict is close, supply us with most effective weapons with which to overcome the invader.’

Stirring words! But alas, the government were impervious to his milquetoast ‘it would be nice for people’ argument. It was only when WW1 came around that they realised Willett’s idea would also save on coal, and they finally put the clocks forward for the very first time.

Sadly, it was too late for old WW, who’d died with his dreams of sun-kissed evenings still just dreams. But his legacy is enjoyed by us all – including his great-great-grandson, CHRIS MARTIN:

Chris Martin, Coldplay

Perhaps you’re aware of his band Coldplay’s hit single?

It’s a funny old world. Enjoy your 47-hour weekend, people!

Timelapse, Big Ben

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