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And the seven best albums from March were…

Posted at 5:50 pm, March 31, 2014 in Music & Nightlife
The War on Drugs

The past month brought us the official start of spring, an extra hour of light in the evening and a shedload of really cool new albums. Normally we’d only include the best five in our end-of-the-month round-up, but it’s been such a big month for new releases that we thought we’d spoil you with seven. You know the drill: download, listen, repeat…

1. The War On Drugs – ‘Lost in the Dream’

‘It’s no small feat to make rock music sound this fresh nowadays. Amid the hordes of bands pulling the same old tired moves, thank god for The War On Drugs.’ ★★★★★

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2. Metronomy – ‘Love Letters’

‘There are more catchy hooks flying around here than an explosion in a fishing tackle superstore – but they’re matched by a tenderness that lingers just as long as the riffs.’ ★★★★☆

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3. Kylie Minogue – ‘Kiss Me Once’

‘Though it lacks a single as indelible as ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’, the singer’s twelfth studio album has plenty of catchy, likeable pop bangers.’ ★★★★☆

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 4. Pharrell – ‘GIRL’

‘What shines is Williams’s ability to put a bowtie on pop through arrangements that grab your imagination and bore into your cerebellum.’ ★★★★☆

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5. Joan As Police Woman – ‘The Classic’

‘Wasser’s haunting ‘I’ve seen things’ vocals rise like curls of smoke through the mix – belting out bittersweet lyrics that never descend into easy cliché.’ ★★★★☆

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6. MØ – ‘No Mythologies to Follow’

‘You can hear traces of very diverse artists in ‘No Mythologies To Follow’, from the silkily Lana-like inflections of opener ‘Fire Rides’ to the Grimes-y beats and claps of ‘XXX’. But ‘No Mythologies’ can stand on its own feet thanks to its stylish and skilful production.’ ★★★★☆

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7. Mo Kolours – ‘Mo Kolours’

‘Its 18 tracks dial-surf drowsy dub, jazzy hip-hop and ’70s soul, not to mention calypso funk, African psychedelia and muggy south London electronica.’ ★★★★☆

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Head to timeout.com/albums to check out more new music from February.

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