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On sale tomorrow: Monty Python, Lily Allen, Black Sabbath, Paloma Faith, Interpol and more

Posted at 6:30 pm, April 3, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

With the clocks having been put forward an hour last weekend, those precious evenings are becoming lighter and ready to be enjoyed, so make the most of your downtime and grab a ticket for one of these fine-looking gigs, with tickets on sale tomorrow morning. In fact, since there are so many good’uns in the list below, why not just go maverick and book them all? Go on, you know you want to…


The headline-grabbing pop provocateuse launches her new album ‘Sheezus’ (wince), her first record in half a decade. After starting her career with breezy ska-pop and then moving on to more electronic territory on her last record, this time Allen apparently recorded by ‘throwing shit in the wall and seeing if anything sticks’. Tonight’s your chance to find out for the first time exactly what that wall’s looking like.

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Hackney’s sassy, retro soul chanteuse, who’s an out-and-proud fan of insane outfits, theatrics and doo-wop harmonies, plays cuts from her latest LP ‘A Perfect Contradiction’. Can the show possibly be as bonkers as the album sleeve? Quite probably.

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The hugely influential New York band return after a long dormancy. Now a three-piece after the departure of imposing bassist Carlos D, they should play plenty of doomy, potent, gloomily swirling early noughties favourites tonight such as ‘PDA’ and ‘Evil’, as well as new stuff from their long-awaited fifth album.

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The enormous success of his ‘White Ladder’ album in 1998 meant that throaty, head-wobbling singer-songwriter Gray was the man to blame for the early-noughties ‘new acoustic movement’. That’s all water under the bridge now, though – 16 years on from ‘Babylon’, he’s here performing from his hefty back catalogue and his new album, ‘Mutineers’.

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The mighty masters of morbid metal are back again: Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler headline in Hyde Park as part of this summer’s BST series of mega-gigs. Hopefully the park’s sound regulations won’t prevent them from busting out their immortal, towering riffs at the usual ear-splitting volumes. Also on the bill: ’90s Sabbath acolytes Soundgarden and Faith No More, Lemmy Kilminster and his hellraising heavy metal heroes Motörhead, and a clutch of young headbangers such as Japanese punks Bo Ningen. Raise those horns!

Buy tickets here on Saturday at 9am



 The Detroit house and techno don steps out from behind the decks and onto the stage to explore his love for organic sounds tonight, playing a live set with a full band for the first time in ten years. Parrish and crew will be working through soulful and funky tracks taken from the producer’s back catalogue on his Sound Signature label.

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The Bublé bubble still hasn’t burst. The smoother groover from Vancouver’s consistent formula of big-band crooning and radio-friendly soft pop has generated huge sales, and, along with that playful name, has seen him become a Grammy machine and the sound of Christmas, making mums happier than Hallmark, Interflora and gin combined. Expect more than a few doe-eyed mums (and probably grandmas) in the vast audience sure to flock to Bublé’s two new dates at The O2.

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We thought this might happen – the flying circus is packing up for good… The five remaining Pythons have just announced that the final night of their two-week O2 residency – July 20 – will be their last ever live performance together. At last year’s press conference to announce the reunion, messrs Cleese, Palin, Idle, Gilliam and Jones hinted that their ‘One Down, Five to Go’ live show would, possibly, tour the world. But, alas, commitments have got in the way, and the quintet will be calling it quits in London. We blame Michael Palin and his ridiculously busy travel-documentary schedule. An extra batch of tickets for the final gig go on sale at midday tomorrow.

Buy tickets here at 12pm.

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