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Snap up this map of London’s most photographed places

Posted at 8:00 am, April 4, 2014 in Maps, News, Photos of London
London's most photographed spots

Chances are if you’re doing something, your next port of call is to let everyone know about it. And now a survey carried out across Twitter and Flickr has revealed exactly which locations in the capital us Londoners spend the most time photographing.

Combing through 2 million geotagged photos on social media, Heritage Calling created a map of the activity, with each dot corresponding to a photograph. Central London was unsurprisingly consumed in black dots (see above), with particularly popular locations including London Zoo, Camden Market, and King’s Cross.

Not satisfied with the above graphic, they went further to take a look at which London monument proved most popular with the capital’s photographers. The winner? Good old St Paul’s Cathedral.

London's most photographed monuments

The survey recorded over 50,000 photos in total, which is pretty comprehensive, yet unfortunately these maps can’t tell us what sort of photos were taken in these locations. If the next study could calculate how many of London’s social snaps feature drunk dancing or cringeworthy selfie pouts, we’d be even more impressed. Keep ’em coming, Heritage Calling.

Find out more at heritagecalling.com

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