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You bring the sunshine at Fake Tan Salon

Posted at 5:35 pm, April 8, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment

If you simply can’t wait any longer for some rays of sunshine to grace your face, then this is the show for you. Fake Tan Salon is a series of photographic exhibitions using what the creators describe as ‘second hand sunshine’ and ‘blues-busting blue skies’, to add a much needed dose of vitamin D to our daily grind.

The Salon is currently on the look-out for a new batch of sun-drenched photos for their upcoming show, but there’s only one week left to get your holiday snaps in, so hop to it. If sitting back and soaking up the rays while others do the hard work is more your thing, the Fake Tan Salon will be popping up at a London gallery (TBA) sometime soon and we’ve heard rumours of tropical photo booths, piña coladas and a copious amount of coconuts. Cheers to that!

Send your physical photos by Wednesday April 16 to:

The Fake Tan Salon,
23 Carter House,
Brune Street,
E1 7NN

Find out more about The Fake Tan Salon at faketansalon.tumblr.com.


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