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20 tube photos that are way better than photos of women eating food

Posted at 11:00 am, April 9, 2014 in Fun London, Photos of London, Transport

Penguins on the tubeVia imgur

You may well have seen a certain collection of photos getting a lot of internet-wide publicity over the last few days. We are not interested in creepily snapping at hungry ladies, whether they’re on the tube or not. Instead, we like to look at photos of when the tube really brings out the best (and silliest) in all of us. These pictures, frankly, are far more interesting.

Sharon eating a Ginsters Jay-Z On the Jubilee!
Jay Z on the tube

[Photo: Via @Mattwillywilson on Twitter]

Liz snacking on a Twix Hundreds of pandas!

Pandas on the tube
Via @Alelotta on Instagram

Marta munching on a salad Spider-man and The Power Rangers:

Spidey on the tube[Photo:  @Rachelava on Instagram]

Olivia tucking into some pasta Someone dressed up as an Oyster Card:

Oyster card outfit

Kim partaking in a banana  A lady on a spacehopper:

Space hopper on the tube[Photo: @Stefanir on Instagram]

Alana having a sandwich This person doing the splits: 

Splits on the tube[Photo: @Jodieduffell on Instagram]

Emily having a few crisps This:

Table on tube[Photo: @Clarkybabes on Instagram]

Diane nibbling on a pasty This scene of en masse trouserlessness:

No Trousers on the Tube Day 2014

Sophie sipping on a shake Subversive sign subsitution:

Peak hours on the tube

Rebecca relishing some ravioli Richard Madden looking pensive with a brolly:

game of thrones actor on tube

Fiona finishing off some fruit A FOX:

fox on the tube

Melody dining on a bento box Killer mice:

The mice at Farringdon tube station are hungry for human flesh.

Sarah chewing on some fried chicken An enormous dog trying to act natural:

Dog on the tube

Kate chowing down on a cheese slice One incredible backflip:

Doing a backflip on a tube train, Mornington Crescent. (via: salt4life)
[Photo: Salt4life]

Viv having a flapjack This well-prepared traveller:

Pitching a spot on the tube

Betty’s meal-on-the-go Travel sick Santa:

Santa on the tube
[Photo: @Damian_Barr on Twitter]

Isabel snacking on a sausage roll Central line bunny:

Bunny on the tube!

Zöe eating a yogurt pot Big day out for the zoo:

Animals on the tube[Photo: @Pintoquiff on Instagram]

Wendy and a Happy Meal Now pronounced husband and wife:

Bride and groom on the tube[Photo: @Vmessp on Instagram]

Lots of these photos were found in the wonderful People on the Underground collection.

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