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Bucking the trend: take a ride on Steam & Rye’s new rodeo bull

Posted at 10:00 am, April 16, 2014 in Fun London
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You know what really settles the stomach after a night of excessive eating and drinking? A gentle ride on a rodeo bull – said no one ever. We don’t advise testing out Steam & Rye’s new £60,000 hydraulic-powered Las Vegas bucking bronco after having a vast amount of bevvies, but luckily you won’t see too much spewing as there’s a drink and ride breathalyser test to pass before you can get in the saddle. So if you think you’ve got the balance (and the stomach) to take on the UK’s first professional standard rodeo bull, head down one Monday evening to give it a try. Or just get a good seat and watch city workers wearing cowboy hats and ponchos get hurled through the air. The choice is yours.

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