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Give your cheeks a workout at Selfridges’ Face Gym

Posted at 4:00 pm, June 2, 2014 in Shopping & Style
Face Gym

As much as people consider the shape of their body, I doubt they often think about giving their face a good workout. And even if they did, how on Earth would you do that? Book a Face Gym appointment at Selfridges, of course! As part of The Beauty Project, Spa Junkie has set up shop in the Women’s Streetwear department and are offering 30-minute Face Gym workouts for those looking for a ‘finger face-lift’. Apparently there are over 50 muscles in the face (it takes 43 to frown and 17 to smile) and these poor guys get neglected and start to sag, so we should take better care of them.

But what does it actually involve? Well, it’s kind of like having a facial – except with more pummelling. At one point, I swear my ‘face trainer’ was playing my cheeks like a drum. No, this isn’t a relaxing experience. But then going to the gym isn’t meant to be relaxing. Plus you’re in the middle of the shop floor and listening to pounding pop music – not exactly a chill out zone.

The sessions are broken into warm up, cardio, strength and cooldown, which seems to be labouring the gym metaphor a tad too far, but it does make sense. This isn’t a treatment for the skin, it’s all about your facial muscles and they are being moved, rubbed, pulled and pushed to make your face feel plump and firm.

But does it? Hard to tell. Colleagues are saying my skin looks good but that might just be the swanky moisturiser they put on at the end. It all feels a tad tight and even a little sore. In fact, not dissimilar to the feeling after a gym session. Maybe there is something in the name after all. Who knows if my cheeks will now be perkier, but it’s definitely way more fun than running on a treadmill.

By Sonya Barber

Thirty minutes of Face Gym costs £35 (cheaper than a gym membership!). Find out more and book in at www.facegym.com

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