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Watch stuntmen on Boris bikes jump around London’s rooftops

Posted at 8:00 am, June 5, 2014 in Fun London, Transport

Next time you’re overtaken at the lights by a Lycra-clad peloton of keen-beans on fixies, cursing the two quid you spaffed on the ponderous great hulks of metal that are Boris bikes, remember to proffer your undying admiration for these insanely talented cyclists.


Stunt riders Joe Seddon and Andrei Burton teamed up with elite free-runners Tim Shieff and Paul Joseph to draw attention to the lack of open creative spaces in the capital, ingeniously using one of the key city features associated with Mayor Boris Johnson.


But before you go attempting any of these moves, notice that these bikes have been seriously souped-up. In fact, most likely they’re stunt bikes with Barclays logos glued on. But fair enough. I think it’s safe to assume bunny hopping along the rooftops of Regent Street is forbidden in those terms and conditions nobody reads.



Watch the full video below: 

Andy Hill

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