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Crossrail 2: the ‘Chelsea-Hackney line’ changes its route

Posted at 10:00 am, June 11, 2014 in News, Transport

Crossrail Roundel
So, ‘Crossrail 2’, the route that morphed from the former ‘Chelsea-Hackney line’ may not actually make it to Hackney. Or Chelsea.

According to London transport genius IanVisits, plans for Crossrail 2 are being revised and TfL has organised a second consultation. Updates so far begin with one of the lines being extended from Alexandra Palace to New Southgate – no arguments there.

One of the updates that may make some of you a tad cross(rail), is that there can no longer be a station in Hackney Central and Dalston Junction. The line was initially intended to split at Angel and head towards Tottenham Hale (via Hackney Central) and Alexandra Palace (via Dalston Junction). But it ain’t gonna happen guys – we have to choose one or the other. On the plus side, whichever station is picked it will get loads more trains per hour.

Secondly, Chelsea’s station is either going to be moved closer to Lots Road or be scrapped altogether. This is because cutting the Chelsea loop of the line would save a whopping £1 billion. So we guess it is worth considering.

With these potential changes in mind, it’s a good job they changed the name!

Find out more at consultations.tfl.gov.uk.

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