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On sale tomorrow morning: Jack White, Alt J, Michael McIntyre and more

Posted at 5:30 pm, June 12, 2014 in Music & Nightlife
jack white

Isn’t it nice out? Well, enjoy it while it lasts – after all it’s only a few months before we go back to shitty autumn weather. Bleak, eh? Not to worry, though – here are six really great gigs and some brilliant comedy events happening this autumn. The catch: they all go on sale tomorrow morning* and are pretty much guaranteed to sell out well in advance, so snap up your tickets quick and guarantee yourself some good times later this year.

*Except one – sorry, we cheated a bit.



The inimitable riff master and ex-White Stripe/Raconteur/Dead Weather-er gigs in support of his brill new album, ‘Lazaretto’. Steel yourself for gnarly guitars, saloon-style piano, unshakeable melodies and plenty of Nashville-steeped soul from one of the few proper rock ’n’ roll geniuses in music today.

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The symbol-named, Mercury-winning quartet from Leeds ply their reverb-smothered, off-kilter indie that echoes Yeasayer and Jeff Buckley. Some find it utterly enchanting, others favour the term ‘snoozefest’, but whichever side of that fence you’re on it’s hard to deny they’re a pretty big deal nowadays – as proved by this huge Ally Pally gig, at which they’ll launch their new album ‘This Is All Yours’.

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michael mcintyremichael mcintyre


The fluffy-haired, baby-faced observation machine is hitting the road again with his next huge arena tour. Over the past half decade McIntyre has breezily skipped his way to achieving comedy world domination, and there’s no sign of him slowing down to a leisurely walk. Tickets are likely to be snapped up mega quickly, so if you miss out, don’t worry: extra dates will almost certainly be announced soon.

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 enrique iglesias


You can surgically remove a big ol’ cheek mole – as Enrique Iglesias did a few years back – but there’s no -ectomy for that thing called love. Son of Julio, this Latin pop megastar has been exploring more bass-bumping, EDM-infused territory lately (as evidenced on ‘Turn the Night Up’ and ‘I’m a Freak’) but can still throw down a romantic ballad like nobody’s business. Come ready to divide your time between frenzied rump-shaking and breathless swooning, plus a warm-up set by Disney-launched pop princess Demi Lovato.

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 chet faker


That whole electronic soul thing you’ve been hearing a lot of recently? The splendidly named Chet Faker was ahead of the curve, releasing a woozy, bass-tinged, jazz-inflected, organ-based take on Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ way back in 2011.

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The former torchbearers of ‘new rave’ return for a taste of their new album, ‘Love Frequency’ – a more electronic-leaning record that adds some cool new songs to terrific indie-rave-rock anthems such as ‘Atlantis to Interzone’ and ‘Golden Skans’. They may be more accessible (and clean-living) than ever before, but Klaxons still have a nutty side: apparently, all the equipment for this tour will be produced on 3D printers. Prepare for a wild show – just leave the glowsticks at home, yeah?

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 milton jones


More expertly crafted surreal one-liners from the loud-shirt-wearing, wild-haired, wide-eyed, one-man joke-factory. The ‘Mock the Week’ star will be at Hammersmith Apollo in just under a year’s time, but Jones is also playing plenty of grand theatres in the suburbs for you Zone Four and Fivers.

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There are plenty of acts around right now who can’t help writing painfully sad songs, and now here’s another one. Luke Sital-Singh is a cut above the rest of the pack however – his guitar work sounds maturely restrained, rather than naively simple, and his use of vocal harmonies adds extra swoon to knock-out tracks such as ‘Fail For You’. Watch him succeed (hopefully) for you on stage tonight.

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 tig notaro


Masterful US comedian Mathilde ‘Tig’ Notaro hit the comedy news headlines in 2012 after announcing on stage, on the day of her diagnosis, that she had breast cancer. The set was recorded and released as the album ‘Tig Notaro: Live’ via Louis CK’s website and has since sold more than 100,000 copies. But if you’re thinking her stand-up might be a depress-fest, never fear: Tig’s as uplifting as they come. She’s finally making her London debut and you’d be a fool not to buy a ticket. They actually went on sale yesterday, so book soon or miss out.

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