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Three fantasy London swimming spots we wish existed

Posted at 5:05 pm, June 13, 2014 in Fun London, Outdoor London
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Hot? We sure as heck are. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a refreshing dip to cool off right about now? Damn right. Sure, there are plenty of lovely pools and lidos around town. Maybe it’s the heat, but we’re daydreaming of somewhere new and exciting to splash about in. We just wish these three proposed swimming spots would hurry up and become a reality already…

Thames Bath Project

When you think of swimming in the Thames, your first thoughts may well be all the rats, rubbish and goodness knows what else bobbing about in there. But what if there was a clean urban oasis where you could swim  surrounded by reeds and wildlife, all without leaving Zone 1? Sounds like a dream. And it is – for now. Find out the latest at thamesbaths.com.

© Alex Smith and David Lomax


Lido Line

We can’t be the only ones finding rush hour tube commuting at the moment about as fun as plucking out your eyelashes. How about if you could swim or row your way to work in the sunshine? As part of the Landscape Institute High Line competition, Alex Smith and David Lomax suggested that we turn part of Regents Canal into a swimmable commute route. YES PLEASE. We can’t see TfL making this one happen, though, for reasons that are too numerous and obvious to bother listing.

Kings Cross pond


King’s Cross pond

Don’t get too downhearted though, as it looks like this one might actually happen! Earlier this year, the developers of King’s Cross put in a successful planning application to Camden Council to create Europe’s first manmade ‘natural’ pond. If it does come to be, the project would provide space for up to 163 bathers right in the middle of the regeneration site. Fingers crossed this happens, and soon! Read the latest about it at camdennewjournal.com.

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By Sonya Barber