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Fact: 62 percent of London is actually green space. Here’s how to enjoy it!

Posted at 10:30 am, June 21, 2014 in Outdoor London
Green space in London. Diagram: Campaign for a Greater London National Park

Despite looking for all the world like a bustling urban metropolis, 38 percent of our fair city is actually open green space, depicted above by the Greater London National Park Campaign. Throw in the 24 percent of land that’s domestic gardens and, somewhat unbelievably, 62 percent of our city is actually grassy. (Not including all the cannabis that’s been growing on the South Bank.) It’s a wonder there aren’t more cows ambling about the place.

And because we’re secretly competitive, you’ll be glad to know that makes us way greener than Certain Other Cities.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.22.34

[We are #3! Source: City of London research report]

It goes to show that Singapore and Sydney are not so much ‘cities’ as ‘fields with a few buildings in’, while in Berlin, New York and Paris a picnic entails huddling around a blade of grass and just looking at it for a few hours.

The High Line, New York City. Photo: Luca Nebuloni

[Getting ‘back to nature’ on NYC’s High Line ‘park’. Photo: Luca Nebuloni]

So, you live in one of the world’s greenest cities, the sun is theoretically shining…

Saturday weather forecast

…what to do? Unsurprisingly, we’ve got you covered:

London’s major parks
London’s best local parks
London’s secret gardens
Beer gardens in London
Rooftop bars in London
Riverside pubs in London
Restaurants with outdoor dining
The best ice cream in London
Outdoor film screenings in London
Open-air theatre in London
Lidos and outdoor swimming in London

Positively exhaustive. And that’s not all, alfresco fanatics. We’ve combined 120 stunning spots from all those features into one bodacious Pinterest map, allowing you to pick out a choice verdant spot nearby.

Time Out London Pinterest Outdoor London

Have fun frolicking!

By Guy Parsons

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