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In pictures: 36 of the new emojis in London

Posted at 1:30 pm, June 25, 2014 in Fun London, Photos of London
250 new emoji are being added to Unicode - emoji list Mac

Have you heard the word? 250 new emojis 
are coming, allowing you to visually depict everything from ‘FRAME WITH AN X’ to ‘SENDING A FAX’ (a what now?) in your text messages and whatnot. Perfect for anyone with a small vocabulary. (You can view the full list of new emojis here.)

But it turns out these new symbols are already all around us. All around us, I tell you! Here are just a few we’ve found in London…

‘Reversed hand with middle finger extended’

Middle finger swearing emoji.

[Yes, a swearing middle-finger emoji is happening. Photo: Petras Gagilas]

‘Cloud with lightning’

Shard being hit by lightning.

[Shard being hit by lightning. Photo: Wendy Owen]

‘Bouquet of flowers’

Photo: Tyla

[Photo: Every 100th of a Second]

‘Heart with tip on the left’

Heart with tip on the left

[The heart in the background, obviously! Photo: Jonathan Brennan]


Olympic Stadium Opening Ceremony. Photo: Nick Redman

[Fireworks over the Olympic Stadium. Photo: Nick Redman]

‘Classical building’

Royal Opera House

[Royal Opera House. Photo: Dave Pearce]

‘Heavy latin cross’

Easter Procession.

[Easter proccession. Photo: Jon Spence]

‘Celtic cross’

Kensal Green cemetery

[Kensal Green cemetery. Photo: Paul Sweeney]

‘Levitating man in suit’

Levitating street performer

[South Bank ‘street performer.’ Photo: Dave Pearce]

‘Sports medal’

London Marathon medal

[London Marathon runners’ medal. Photo: John Morrill]

‘Waving white flag’

Flag at half mast

[Flag at half mast. Photo: Michael Garnett]

‘Waving black flag’

Flag outside Apple Store, London

[Flag outside Apple Store. Photo: Alice Rosen]

‘Reversed victory hand’

Two cold fingers

[Two-fingered salute. Photo: Heri Mkocha]

‘Reversed thumbs up sign’

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 15.45.34

[Looks good to him. Photo: Colour Boy]



[Spiderman outside a shop. Photo: Jerome Scott-Blount]


Staircase at Allies an Morrison Studio

[Stairs at Allies and Morrison Studio, London. Photo: Aaron Yeoman]

‘Beach with umbrella’

London Beach

[Gabriel’s Wharf, South Bank. Photo: Lee Nichols]


Occupy London

[Occupy St. Paul’s. Photo: Dave Cox]

‘Right speaker’

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 16.38.31

[Speakers Corner, Hyde Park. Photo: Becky Frances]

‘Spy or sleuth’

SIS / MI6 building, Vauxhall

[Secret Intelligent Service HQ, Vauxhall, London. Photo: Duncan Harris]

‘Left hand telephone receiver’

Telephone receiver

[Photo: Adam Lister]

‘Up-pointing small airplane’


[Photo: Simon Hadleigh-Sparks]

‘Up-pointing large airplane’

Plane at Heathrow

[Heathrow Airport. Photo: P1ay]

‘Couch and lamp’

Couch and lamp

[Screen on the Green, Islington. Photo: Oxfordian]

‘Left thought bubble’


[Stencil street art. Photo: id iom]

‘Dagger knife’

Dagger Knife

[A ‘Godfrey knife’, British Museum. Photo: Afshin Darian]



[Photo: Matthew G]


With A Megaphone By A Wall

‘Railway track’

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 17.36.42

[DLR in the snow. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni]


Thermometer, Kew Gardens, London


 [Kew Gardens, London. Photo: CGPGrey]



[Barbican. Photo: RobinLDN]

‘Ringing bell’

Ringing bell

[Photo: Nialletto]

‘Wind blowing face’

New emoji: Windy Face

[Photo:  Duncan Harris]


London Fog

[Photo: mattpike]

‘Passenger ship’

Emoji: passenger ship

[Photo: Naeem Behind The Lens]


shield london

[Photo: firstnameunknown]


emoji - bed - john kortland

[Photo: John Kortland]

By Guy Parsons

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