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59 mighty fine Instagrams of London, from June 2014

Posted at 1:10 pm, July 2, 2014 in Photos of London
O2 - geerhee

[The view from the top of the O2. Photo: geerhee]

It’s been a splendidly warm and dare we say picturesque month here in London. And as always, intrepid Instagram users have been out capturing the sights, the sounds, the flavours… well, actually just the sights. But what sights! Scroll on for a visual feast.

Explosions of paint at Holi Festival:

Holi colours, Googdel

[Photo: googdel]

The lesser-visited Barbican Conservatory:

Barbican Conservatory - corauxmei

[Photo: corauxmei]

The Golden Hinde, Bankside:

Golden Hinde - mattscutt via london

[Photo: mattscutt via london]

Station Approach:

station approach - jc_

[Photo: jc_]

Love Will Tear Us Apart mural:

Love Will Tear Us APart - no_such_thing_as_a_grey_day

[Photo: no_such_thing_as_a_grey_day]

The bar at the top of the Gherkin:

Rooftop bar at the Gherkin - tschang

[Photo: tschang]

Alba Place, Notting Hill:

Alba Place, Notting Hill - solar_patrick

[Photo: solar_patrick]

Richmond riverside:

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 16.24.55

[Photo: 99gr81]

The streets of Chinatown:

Chinatown - ambrerrrjones

[Photo: ambrerrrjones]

It wouldn’t be Instagram without a pugshot:

ernest pub - bendenison

[Photo: bendenison]

Unimpressed cheesemonger (or Joey Essex?):

unimpressed cheesemonger - solar_patrick

[Photo: solar_patrick]

Park life, outside Tate Modern:

tilly tate modern camden

[Photo: tilly2milly]

St. James’s Park squirrel:

Squirrel in St Jamess Park - thecarrierpigeon

[Photo: thecarrierpigeon]

Hampstead getting bushy:

Flask Walk Hampstead - ZoboLondon

[Photo: zobolondon]


Brick Lane selfie:
The Mirror - ari55

[Photo: ari55]

Tag ’em and bag ’em: 

Walk on by - ari55

[Photo: ari55]

The Orbit, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park:

Orbit Tower - joyce_delapaz

[Photo: joyce_delapaz]

Ronnie’s Flowers:

Robbies Flowers - Best LDN Walks

[Photo: bestLDNwalks]

The oh-so-colourful Doodle Bar:

The Doodle Bar - zoecaldwell

[Photo: zoecaldwell]

Can you see it? An England flag made out of hanging baskets at The Masons Arms:

Pub with St Georges Flag in Flowers, Masons Arms - moemario

[Photo: moemario]

Bike under the bridge:

Bike under the bridge - tschang

[Photo: tschang]

Red white black grey:


[Photo: mariawaz]

Big blue sky, fluffy white clouds, busy little city:

A beautiful day - the Real Mikey Boy

[Photo: therealmikeyboy]

Sitting on the dock of the bay:

Sitting on the dock of the bay - the carrier pigeon

[Photo: thecarrierpigeon]

This way out:

Forwards - luna-roffel

[Photo: luna_roffel]

#nofilter #noneed:

nofilter, noneed - gerhee

[Photo: gerhee]

A very important list:

Best Bars in London - adamwalshwork

[Photo: adamwalshwork]

Wall Street has wolves but the City has dragons:

City Dragon - jc_

[Photo: jc_]

London’s Pride parade:

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 15.42.20

[Photo: fuzzykipper]

Good boy:

Scary dog - jc_

[Photo: jc_]

The shadow world, Tate Modern:

Shadow World, Tate Modern - londonlivingdoll

[Photo: londonlivingdoll]

Strong look:

Stairs - Jeromecan

[Photo: jeromecan]

Ai Weiwei’s bikes, Lisson Gallery:


[Photo: whatinasees]

Flags at City Hall:


[Photo: dbelluk]

Her Royal Legoness:

Lego Queen - solar_patrick

[Photo: solar_patrick]

Day fades into night:

Millenium Bridge - lukeshmug

[Photo: lukeshmug]

Emirates Stadium from above, in the fog:

Emirates Stadium from above in the fog - redywedy

[Photo: redywedy]

A perfectly legitimate place to meet:

Abandoned building - knockoclock

[Photo: knockoclock]

Close-up of the Houses of Parliament:

Houses of Parliament closeup - davidwooding

[Photo: davidwooding]

And a more familiar view: 

Houses of Parliament - duncantigerhero

[Photo: duncantigerhero]

Tower Bridge turned 120 years old:

Tower Bridge - j0hnb0y77

[Photo: j0hnb0y77]

A watery end:

South Bank Fountains - lrddaryn

[Photo: lrddaryn]

Ridin’ thru B’ Mark-izzle in a drop top: 

Borough Market - mrfitzglow

[Photo: mrfitzglow]

Alize Cornet celebrates at Wimbledon:

Alize Cornet - Wimbledon

[Photo: wimbledon]

Rays of light at Richmond Park:

Richmond Park - bypip

[Photo: bypip via london]

The many colours of the river:


[Photo: levanterman via stpaulsloversanonymous]

No cy:


[Photo: mrwhisper]


[Photo: jeromecan]

All the colours:


[Photo: zoecaldwell]

Shard, Tower, go:


 [Photo: baabaks]

Swingers at Field Day:


[Photo: emma_photo]

Queen’s birthday flypast:


[Photo: bestldnwalks]

 Trafalgar Square:


[Photo: bestLDNwalks]

 Isn’t that Tom Cruise?


[Photo: the.hat]

And one last throw of the paint to finish…


[Photo: googdel]

Compiled by Bella Deubens

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