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Bag an original Larry Clark photo for £100

Posted at 10:30 am, July 2, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
larry clark

How much do you like pictures of naked people? Enough to Google them incessantly? Probably. Enough to queue for hours and spend £100 per photo? Probably not, eh?

But what if we told you that those images were taken by Larry Clark, influential photographer and renowned director of cult film ‘Kids’? Ah, now you’re interested. Interested and in luck, because Simon Lee Gallery is hawking off a crate’s-worth of photos from Clark’s collection at £100 a pop. Considering that his work often goes for upwards of £10,000, that sounds like a bit of a steal to us. His work is bawdy, saucy and dirty and will make you look totally hip. Be warned, the queues are big – when we went yesterday people at the front had been waiting for over two hours. They must really love pictures of vaginas.

Find out more about the Larry Clark sale which goes on until July 7. 

By Eddy Frankel

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