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Rock up and play one of the 12 guitars dotted around London

Posted at 2:30 pm, July 2, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, News, Outdoor London

Grab your plectrums and warm up those vocal chords, because from today London’s streets will be the new home for Street Guitars.

Tied up to boat-like weather-proofed shelters, 12 acoustic guitars will be dotted around the city with sea-themed boating songbooks. Made and supplied by John Hornby Skewes, these instruments have been provided to allow the public to have a spontaneous jam session.

It’s all part of the City of London Festival and follows on from Street Pianos (which was the same but with pianos, duh). Director Paul Gudgin said that Street Pianos taught us that people welcome the invitation to make music spontaneously, regardless of their level of ability. So no matter if you’re trying to get spotted by music label employees wandering by or just doing it for your own enjoyment, everyone’s welcome to jump on board.

If you fancy wowing the crowds or listening to the hidden musicians of London, head over to Paternoster Square, Old Billingsgate, Liverpool Street Station or Fenchurch Street Station before July 17. You never know, maybe you’ll stumble across the next Jack Johnson, but we’re sure there will be plenty of over enthusiastic versions of ‘Wonderwall’, too. Naturally, if the idea of a warbling wannabe Jeff Buckley brings you out in a cold sweat, best avoid these spots for the next few weeks.

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By Laura Sagar

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