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On sale tomorrow: Kasabian, Andy C, Moko, Paolo Nutini, The Who, Underworld and more

Posted at 5:30 pm, July 3, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

England’s hilarious World Cup dream is over, Andy Murray’s out of Wimbledon – Britain is rubbish at sport, basically. But who the hell cares about sport when there’s all this amazing live music happening across London? There are loads of big gigs to get excited about – plus some aquatic film action from the Hot Tub Cinema crew – and for about a tenth of the price of a plane ticket to Brazil to watch overpaid footballers, you can buy tickets for all of these shows. No brainer.


Leicester’s enormously popular, Glastonbury-headlining, swaggering good-time rockers show everyone what they’re made of. Essentially that’s baggy revivalism with a fixation on the Mondays, Primal Scream and Oasis, but with more epic, experimental, psych-rock flavourings and (just occasionally) some interesting electronic excursions. Massive chant-along choruses, sweaty jumping about and spilt beer should be the order of the day throughout this massive run of Brixton gigs – and, despite the naysayers, everyone present will have a reet good time.

Buy tickets here at 9.30am

andy c all night


Get ready for your ears to be given a right old drum and bass battering from one of the best D&B selectors in the game: Andy C, playing a marathon six-hour set on Halloween. He may not be willing to divulge his second name, but that’s only because he’s too busy rinsing out huge, skull-rattling basslines and beats fierce enough to startle a T-Rex.

Buy tickets here at 9am



Following in the footsteps of James Blake as a Goldsmiths graduate with a thing for glitchy electronic beats, Moko stands apart from the laptop-toting crowd thanks to her stunning soul voice, as well as the shades of UK garage which haunt her beats. Trip hop is back, and it sounds great.

Buy tickets here at 9am

 Paolo Nuttini


Full-lipped, gravel-voiced, baby-faced Scots crooner Nutini has raced up the charts and devastated hearts once more with his more mature third album ‘Caustic Love’ (working title ‘Numpty’, apparently.)

Buy tickets here at 9am

The who


Clearly long done with hoping they die before they get old, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are celebrating 50 years since the first gig by The Who by retiring gracefully. Just kidding: they’re going on another massive arena tour, which stops off in London tonight for a set which (we’re told) will feature ‘hits and misses’ – so the biggies alongside some more unexpected tunes, then.

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After a meteoric rise in 2011, the LA quartet return to the UK for some more eerily sweet psychedelia and experimental melodrama. As well as tracks from their spooky-but-sexy debut album ‘The Fool’, they’ll play plenty of songs tonight from their new, self-titled second album, one of the standout records of 2014.

Buy tickets here on Saturday at 9am



Romford’s finest bring their viscerally engaging and always inventive post-techno to the South Bank, running through their 20-year-old (official) debut album ‘Dubnobasswithmyheadman’. Bangin’.

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 hot tub cinema


Hot Tub Cinema is back for the second leg of its summer series. After screenings in what used to be Shoreditch Tube station, the HTC crew are rising up from their subterranean lair and going sky-high, landing way up on top of Shoreditch’s Rockwell House for eight nights, from Thu Jul 17-Thu Jul 24. This time round, they’re going back to the ’80s, so give yourself the biggest hairdo you can manage, make some impromptu shoulder pads and dig out those Reebok pumps – before stripping off and dipping into the hot tub to watch your classic flick of choice.

Buy tickets here at midday

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