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Rent a Bike with new bike sharing site Spinlister

Posted at 2:30 pm, July 9, 2014 in Transport


If you like the sound of hiring a bike but don’t want to ride a massive clunky Boris, Spinlister might just be your thing.

With a distinctly Airbnb vibe, Spinlister encourages peer-to-peer sharing with members signing up and listing their spare bikes through the website or app. Users search for bikes, in the area they wish to rent. They view the bikes available in that area and make a request to rent the bike. There is an in-app chat feature allowing both parties to communicate about price, components, verifications, reviews, etc.

Users can charge their own rates for rentals. Similar to other sharing services, the company takes a 30 percent cut, 17.5 percent of the rental fee from the lister and a 12.5 percent service fee to the renter. Every bike listed is insured up to £2,980 against theft or damage.

Spinlister already has users operating in 100 different countries, so there is a huge potential to attract tourists, and UK cyclists can rent when visiting abroad. Get involved!

See spinlister.com for more details and check out our A-Z of cycling in London.

By Jude Brosnan

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