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Would you let a stranger throw a piano off your roof?

Posted at 6:30 pm, July 10, 2014 in News
Balfron Tower Andrea Klettner

If a stranger asked if they could chuck a piano off your roof, what would you say? I imagine the answer would somewhat resemble the phrase ‘shmuck off’. Well how about if it was Turner Prize-nominated artist Catherine Yass, and she was doing it in the name of artistic research? Yeah not quite as randomly ridiculous, so maybe you’d change your tune.

Not the 254 locals who have signed a petition to stop it from happening, though. They think that the idea of a piano falling off The Balfron Tower is ‘dangerous and utter stupidity’.

Catherine Yass has said that ‘Piano Falling was intended as a swan song to the lost socialist ideals of modernist housing that Ernö Goldfinger, amongst others, brought to Tower Hamlets’. It was supposed to be part of a community workshop, but the community clearly weren’t a fan of the idea and have used their people power to ensure that it has now been cancelled.

Anti-social behaviour officers are employed to look after the iconic tower block, so it would have been a bit weird to let it happen: ‘No slamming doors! No music after 11pm! But, yeah go ahead and throw shit off the roof.’ Yeah, maybe they didn’t think that one through.

In other Tower Hamlets news, Shuffle festival pops up in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

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