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The Independent Label Market drinking game

Posted at 4:00 pm, July 11, 2014 in Fun London, Music & Nightlife
independent label market

Love vinyl? Love beer? Then here’s the perfect way to spend your Saturday. The Independent Label Market and London Brewers’ Market return to Spitalfields this weekend, with over 100 indie record labels and local breweries setting up shop together under one roof. Once you’ve browsed the huge array of record stalls (hosted by esteemed indie imprints including XL, 4AD, Domino and Bella Union), the pop-up beer garden is a great place to people-watch. Here are a few things to listen out for, and a delicious beer to knock back for each.

‘I’ve been here since 11am and it was totally worth it.’

Doors open early, and the rarer LPs disappear fast. Salute the dedication with a Meantime London Lager.

‘Oh my god, is that East India Youth?’

A hip-and-happening, totally buzzworthy producer has been spotted! Quick, down a pint of Five Points Pale Ale.

‘I was looking for an original pressing, but the reissue will do.’

That’s the sound of ideals being compromised. Sympathetically gulp a pint of London Fields Brewery’s Hackney Hopster.

‘I used to work for Mute Records, you know…’

Someone’s telling a spurious indie anecdote. Blot it out with a Crate Brewery cider.

‘I got the ultra-limited pink vinyl edition with holographic label and sandpaper inner sleeve.’

Gimmicky special editions? Yes please! Celebrate the absurd with the Redchurch Brewery’s Bethnal Pale Ale.

‘Why not just download it?’

Who let the heretic in? Drink everything in sight and leave quickly before someone mentions Spotify.

The Independent Label Market and London Brewers’ Market are at Spitalfields Old Market on Saturday July 12.

By James Manning

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