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Plans for London’s first recycled skyscraper to be built in Shoreditch

Posted at 10:00 am, July 14, 2014 in News
© Chartier Corbasson

© Chartier-Corbasson

It may look like the plans for a giant Christmas tree but it’s actually the vision of Paris-based firm Chartier-Corbasson, who have designed an organic skyscraper made from people’s waste. (Don’t be disgusting – we’re talking plastic bottles and recyclable goods!)

If approved, it will be built in Shoreditch, where architects hope hippie vegan restaurant lovers will welcome the idea with open arms and a recycling bag of goodies. Intrigued? Here’s what we know so far…

An organic building, how is that even possible?
Well, we’re no builders, but it goes something like this. Take some old paper, glass, plastic bottles and add a bit of standard building material. Use these to make some paper and plastic panels, add those to some pipes and scaffolding, and well, there you go! We did warn you that we aren’t experts.

Hmm old paper and plastic, doesn’t sound like the sturdiest of structures…
Yeah, the image of a stack of plastic bottles resembling the final moments of a Jenga game springs to mind, but the recycled waste panels mentioned above will be supported by a sturdy metal structure based on the bamboo scaffolding used in Asia.

When will it be ready?
Never. No we aren’t being pessimistic, the building will be constantly growing. The plan is to build half of it and then keep adding to it once its occupants have gathered up their next heap of recyclable goods.

So these people will be living/working in a building site?
Well, the scaffolding used would mean there wouldn’t be any cranes, and the building work does sound very quiet, but essentially, yes, it will be a building site.

We’re not sure if this idea is genius, or if it’s just a way of the French trying to make London look like rubbish. Either way, London is still the most popular city on the planet!

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