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Death to chicken tikka masala: where to find London’s authentic Indian food

Posted at 12:30 pm, July 16, 2014 in Food & Drink

Londoners are a discerning lot. We’re better travelled, better read and more cultured than the rest of the country. It’s no wonder that UKIP wrote us off as being ‘too media-savvy and educated’ to vote for them. It’s also no surprise that we’re turning our backs on dodgy ‘anglicised’ food in favour of the real deal – when we want ‘Chinese’, say, we’ll just as happily look for Hunanese and Sichuanese dishes, as well as the Cantonese mainstays. Likewise, when it comes to that search for the perfect ruby murray, we’re rightly eschewing dodgy curry houses in favour of authentic cooking from the Indian subcontinent’s diverse culinary regions.

We go east to Tayyabs or west to Brilliant (for Punjabi grills and curries); north-west to Shayona (for Gujarati-leaning vegetarian dishes); or south to Dosa ‘n’ Chutny (for Chennai cooking). But for proof of how much we now demand ‘real’ Indian food, check out smart new restaurant Zumbura in Clapham, serving the traditional food of the Purab. Let’s hope we never see a chicken tikka masala on a menu again.

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By Tania Ballantine

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