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This giant bird has ceased to be! Well, not quite…

Posted at 4:15 pm, July 16, 2014 in Fun London, TV
dead parrot

‘Ello, we wish to register a complaint. There seems to be a Norwegian Blue making its way around London and it seems… well, it seems as if ‘e’s dead!

In celebration of Monty Python’s last live show this Sunday, TV station Gold has commissioned a 15-metre long feathered fibreglass parrot that has been migrating around the city stopping off in a few conspicuous spots along the way. After a good rest – around 45 years by our calculations – the bird that caused quite an argument between a humble shop owner and Mr Praline has reared its ‘undead’ head causing quite a stir amongst London commuters.

dead parrot monty python

It was first spotted hanging upside-down from a crane before being laid to rest with its beak and feet to the sky at Potters Fields near Tower Bridge.

dead parrot

After some fresh air and a fair few photos, it has been determined that the parrot wasn’t stunned as previously suspected but was, in fact, well and truly an ex-parrot. And thus, this beautiful specimen of a comical bird has been taken to its absolute, 100 percent final resting place in the O2 where it will remain for the rest of the week. So if you’ve not managed to bag yourself a ticket to see the living legends live, visit the old bird before tuning in to Gold on Sunday night as they air the show live.

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By Carly-Ann Clements

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