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Dare to bare at the Velvet Tongue erotic literary salon

Posted at 2:30 pm, July 17, 2014 in Fun London
velvet tongue

Things are set to get a tad hot under the collar on July 27 as ‘The Naked Poet’ Ernesto Sarezale gives the crowd a good licking with his Velvet Tongue at The Book Club. If you aren’t aware of Ernesto’s legendary erotic literary soirees, you’re in for a brazen treat. For this special Summer Lovers themed night, as always, literature will be laid bare and some of the performers will follow suit. Ernesto will strip off and take to the stage alongside a daring selection of  writers, artists and storytellers who will regale you with risqué tales. If this sounds like your bag and you’re feeling inspired on the night, Ernesto is encouraging brave souls to step up and share their naughty secrets and sex sins to the audience too.

Find out more about Velvet Tongue now.

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