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‘Longplayer for Voices’: help the 1,000-minute singalong happen

Posted at 10:00 am, July 18, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Music & Nightlife
Longplayer Live at The Roundhouse 2009 (Atherton-Chiellino)

Longplayer Live at The Roundhouse 2009 (Atherton-Chiellino)

If you’ve ever been to Trinity Buoy Wharf across the river from the O2, you’ll probably be familiar with ‘Longplayer’, a digital piece of music playing for a 1,000 years inside a lighthouse. Artist and musician Jem Finer’s used singing bowls to create the meditative composition that has been playing since December 31 1999 and will outlive us all, playing without any repetition until the end of 2999 (or, y’know, the apocalypse).

Jem has been staging a series of ‘Longplayer Live’ events where the piece is performed in front of an audience but now he wants to take it to the next level with ‘Longplayer for Voices’, an ambitious project scheduled for 2018, where 240 singers will perform for 1,000 minutes. They recorded 1,000 seconds of the singing last Saturday July 12 at the Roundhouse but they have no further funding for the project, so they’re asking for contributions to make this next phase possible. And if you haven’t been to visit the ‘Longplayer’ lighthouse yet, take a trip soon and be transported by the peaceful sounds as you gaze out over the Thames.

Find out more at kickstarter.com and listen now to the 1,000-year piece of music at longplayer.org.

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