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East End pubs: then and now (in GIFS!)

Posted at 8:00 am, July 21, 2014 in Fun London, Photos of London
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If you were to travel back in time to the late nineteenth century, walk into an East End tavern and ask for an Aperol spritz, chances are the barman would look at you quizzically, twiddle his moustache, then politely ask you what in the name of buggery you’re talking about.

white hart

Though the moustaches remain, East London’s boozers have changed phenomenally in the last 100-odd years. Some are boarded up, others rebranded, others fallen victim to hard financial times and turned into chicken shops. Using the magic of GIFs and slick sliders, we’ve overlaid old images with new to illustrate just how much (or in some cases, how little) things have changed.



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