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On the money: London landmarks feature on new £5 coins

Posted at 10:00 am, July 21, 2014 in News


The Royal Mint, clearly thinking The Queen hasn’t had enough exposure on coinage lately (clue, Minters: it’s heads), have stuck her London pad on the tails of one of four special new £5 coins commemorating the capital’s landmarks.


Impressions of Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben’s buildingy bit) will adorn the silver coin set, only 3,500 of which will be made.


Each scene, designed by Royal Mint engravers Laura Clancy and Glyn Davies, is as it would be seen by a visitor to the capital – be that through a crowd, a light sprinkling of rain or over the pages of a Time Out City Guide*. The silver coins also feature a fancy colour printing technique that makes them particularly eye-catching.

St Paul’s Cathedral and Battersea Power Station are rumoured to be furious at the snub however and haven’t spoken to Nelson’s Column for weeks.

Find out more at royalmint.com.


*One of these may be made up.

By Colin Hubbuck

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