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Google has built a 3D map of London you can fly through

Posted at 1:15 pm, July 22, 2014 in Maps
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Remember when everyone was freaking out about Google spying on us? Turns out they actually were. But, as it turns out, the results are beautiful so who cares?

Type a reasonably central London address into Google Maps, select ‘earth’ and click the slanted tile doohickey beneath the compass on the right. Your jaw should be dropping right about… now.

Fly around a startlingly detailed 3D rendering of the capital. Pretend you’re Mary Poppins, or Doctor Who, or a wayward helium balloon.

London wasn’t even the first city to get the 3D treatment; shamefully Birmingham, Leeds and Stoke-on-bloomin’-Trent beat us to it.

But yeah – enjoy. We’re just off to do another aerial lap of the Gherkin….

Go explore now at google.co.uk/maps

By Andy Hill

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