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Nine ways to cool down during the heatwave

Posted at 4:20 pm, July 22, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Fun London, Outdoor London, Top 5
Alexi Duggins Snow

If you’re anything like us, you’re sat melting in a stuffy office, hogging the closest fan and dreaming of jumping into a cold pool. Sound about right? Then get onto these great ways to cool down during this here heatwave.

Snow Paradise

Play in the snow

Stop sticking your head in the fridge and step inside a massive freezer. K Spa’s Snow Paradise is offering you the coolest Finnish experience going. Make snow angels in the natural powder snow made from just air and water (no chemicals) kept at an icy -15C . They advise a hot-cold, session which stimulates blood circulation and is great for your immune and respiratory systems, but we reckon popping into Snow Paradise after a sweaty stroll down Oxford Street would do the trick.

£50 daily rate, K West, Shepherd’s Bush, Monday-Thursday: 6.30am-10pm, Friday: 6.30am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday: 8am-9pm.

Serpentine Lido

Go for a swim

Peel off your sweat-sodden clothes and go for a swim at one of London’s many pools and lidos. Splash around in the chlorine-free Serpentine Lido with the local wildlife, jump into Hampton pool if you’re a bit further west, or surround yourself with art deco Grade II-listed buildings at Brockwell Lido if you’re south of the river.


Jump in some fountains

Can’t be bothered going for a proper swim? Regress back to your 12-year-old self and splash around in the fountains at Appearing Rooms at Southbank Centre, the playful fountains at Granary Square or many more London fountains. When you’re back in the office, just claim it was a foolish accident.

chin chin ice cream

Eat some ice-cream

If you’ve ever needed a good excuse to gorge on creamy gelato, 27 degree heat is it (you’ll probably sweat off most of the calories walking to the ice-cream parlour anyway). Choose from experimental liquid nitrogen ice-cream at Chin Chin Labs, creamy goat’s milk ice cream at Greedy Goat, or a range of Italian gelati and sorbetti at Gelupo. Take your pick from our full list of London’s best ice creams.

V&A Michelle Grant / Time Out

Enjoy a gallery’s air con

Take a break from the sunshine and sooth your sticky bod in the comfort of an air-conditioned cultural institution. No need to hang around the freezer section at Tesco when the V&A and National Gallery are so marvellously climate controlled.

Ice skating tips

Get your skates on

Sure, outdoor ice skating is out of the question (pretty hard to skate across a puddle), but indoor ice skating at Lee Valley Ice Centre or Queen’s Ice and Bowl? Yes please.

edwina's affair, dishoom ©Marcus Dawes
Edwina’s Affair © Marcus Dawes

Drink something frosty

On hot days it’s essential to stay hydrated, but there’s only so much H2O you can glug before you’re gasping for something different. How about an icy ‘Edwina’s Affair’ at The Permit Room, Dishoom, or a fresh take on the classic Pimm’s with a ‘Riot Cup Number One’ at Peg + Patriot? Here’s the full list of seven cool cocktails for hot days and where to drink them.

Jade Bremner kayaking on the Thames

Take to the water

No, not that kind – that’d make you even warmer, if anything. Get a breeze kayaking down the Thames, or opt for a high-speed ride at London RIB Voyages for a stronger gust to blow away that sleepy haze.

ice bar london

Chill out at the Ice Bar

Chill out in London’s Ice Bar, which (as you may have guessed) is made totally of ice. Book yourself into a 40 minute slot, grab a vodka-based drink and temperatures of -5C will make you feel like Christmas is just around the corner.

Enjoying the heat? Take a look at these 48 steamy things going on this week in London.

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