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Bread shrinker: what your lunch says about you

Posted at 12:30 pm, July 24, 2014 in Food & Drink

Best Christmas Sandwiches © Rob Greig

Your sandwich choice actually reveals a lot about you! 

Chicken and stuffing from M&S
Yesterday was Sunday, when you could sit on the sofa and watch ‘Time Team’ and think about hoovering the stairs. Now you’re at your desk, using a bready approximation of a roast dinner to cling on to a time when you were free. Give it up, man. That’s not even Paxo.

Posh cheddar and pickle baguette from Pret A Manger
You’ve an appreciation of convention, but you’re not afraid to do things your own way. Having accepted that cheese and cress (cress!) can co-exist, there’s no telling what you and your open (yet definitely still very cautious) mind can achieve. You probably wouldn’t think twice about wearing yellow trousers.

All-day breakfast from Tesco
You just don’t give a flip. It’s 1pm and what meal are you eating? Breakfast. Not only that, you’ve substituted the plate for (whoa!) two slices of bread. Around 750 calories later and you’re ready to go to sleep IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RUDDY DAY! Take that, social norms.

Heston Blumenthal salt beef sub from Waitrose
Ever since watching that documentary about the Fat Duck, nothing gets past your incisors unless it’s been deconstructed and then reconstructed (then preferably deconstructed again). What’s that, it’s literally just meat and bread? But the sauce is made out of wasps or something, isn’t it? No? Ah.

Sweet chilli chicken wrap from Sainsbury’s
A fair-weather health nut with an allweather sweet tooth, you’ll opt for this twist on a sandwich every single day until you become so immune to its flavours that it tastes like nothing more than slightly spicy Play-doh. Colleagues may politely point out that it contains more carbs than a regular sandwich, but it’s doubtful you’ll hear them over the crunching of your Monster Munch.

Eat chicken bánh mì
There’s a Vietnamese café around the corner, but what if you accidentally say the words wrong? Best play it safe and go for a franchised café chain’s interpretation. Sure, half a tub of mayo may not be how they roll in Ho Chi Minh City, but who needs authenticity when you’ve got a side of mashed potato? 

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