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London invaded by electricity-loving SUPER ANTS (yes, really)

Posted at 10:00 am, July 30, 2014 in News


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Forget alien invasions and comic book villains, London’s under attack from a new real-life threat: ASIAN SUPER ANTS.

Nicknamed ‘fire ants’, the bugs are compulsively attracted to electrical appliances because that’s where they absorb the energy for their super powers, super strength and eventual world domination. Only joking. They do like to nest in and around power sources though, and can cause fires and blackouts by gnawing through electrical cables. Duh duh duuhhhhh.

Usually found in Asia and America, a colony of the super ants has been found at a family home in Hendon, north-west London. Hundreds of the critters were spotted crawling over surfaces, around beds and in the microwave – and they weren’t killed by normal pesticides.

Okay, stop panicking – after six attempts, pest control company Clean Kill managed to slay the wild beasts. Technical Manager Chris David said: ‘It took us three weeks to be certain this was in fact the Asian super ant but because we’ve never had to deal with something like this before, we’ve had to learn quickly. People don’t need to worry as we think it’s an isolated case. Fingers crossed they don’t spread.’

This isn’t the first time super ants have been spotted in the UK. They were first identified at a National Trust property in Gloucestershire in 2009, where more than 35,000 were found. How and why they travelled more than 100 miles from the countryside to the capital is a mystery, but all we’re saying is we won’t be surprised if we ever discover The Queen is actually a swarm of super ants draped in a chic skirt-suit.

For more information on super ants watch this somewhat trippy BBC video from 2008.

By Kate Lloyd

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