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The ten least happy places in Britain are all in London :(

Posted at 10:00 am, August 4, 2014 in News
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The next time you’re strolling down Kingsland Road, feel free to grab a stranger, give them a massive hug and tell them how special they are. The joy ought to be well received as, according to a new poll, East London is the unhappiest place in Britain.

But it gets worse. The research, conducted by property peeps Rightmove, has revealed that the East End isn’t the only place in the capital with a bit of a grump on. See if you can spot a trend in this list of the nation’s unhappiest places:

1. East London

2. Ilford

3. Croydon

4. East Central London

5. Twickenham

6. Enfield

7. North London

8. Harrow

9. South East London

10. West London


That’s right – every single one of Britain’s least happy places is in London.

The poll asked residents of 111 areas questions about living space, community spirit, property values and the quality of the macarons at their local artisan coffee roastery-slash-art space (one of those is a fib). Given the area’s dizzying rents and transient population, then, it’s hardly surprising East London is so miserable.

At the other end of the scale, the historic Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate was named the nation’s happiest place to live. Which is all well and good, but we bet there’s nowhere good to get a boxful of fried chicken at 2am.

Errr Happy Monday London! We may be a bunch of miserable gits but everyone still wants to move here, take a look at twelve things you learn when you move to London.

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