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#BurritoWatch: Chipotle is giving away 14,000 FREE burritos this week

Posted at 8:45 am, August 5, 2014 in Free, Fun London
chipotle burrito giveaway

What have you got for lunch? A slightly sweaty ham sarnie or a tupperware box of last night’s pasta? How about leaving that in the fridge and helping yourself to a free burrito instead?

Every day this week, Mexican food chain Chipotle is giving away a whopping 2,000 of their chicken, pork, beef and veggie burritos. So what do you have to do to get your hands around one of these wonderful wraps for zero of your pounds? It’s a tad complicated, but definitely worth it. Chipotle will be posting a new web address each day to @ChipotleUK , Facebook.com/ChipotleUK and #BurritoWatch. As soon as you see it, click like the wind, as the first 2,000 people to visit the website will get a free burrito voucher to claim in-store. As if that wasn’t enough of a quirky PR stunt, there’s more: the website URL will be presented in ‘speed read’ (basically it flashes onto your screen really fast so it’s pretty tricky to read, but totally worth it).

Too lazy to keep an eye out for the daily URL? Ok, we’ll give you a hint.. it’s here:


Once all of today’s 2,000 burritos have been claimed you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s URL is revealed (and so it continues for the rest of the week). You get the idea.

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