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Exclusive: Gingerline announces exciting new Jubilee line project

Posted at 4:15 pm, August 12, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
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Gingerline is back! Except, well, it sort of isn’t. The immersive, clandestine dining adventure, first held in August 2010, takes its moniker from the former East London line’s nickname.

The event’s one constant has always been that the only thing guests know when they’re signing up is that they should make their way to an ELL station on the night of their booking, at which point they’ll get a text message revealing their destination.

But, as of September 24, Gingerline will forego its namesake – and move on to the silver Jubilee line. ‘Our heart’s always going to lie along the East London line,’ explains co-founder Suz Mountfort. ‘But Gingerline’s all about the spirit of exploration; it’s about going where the evening takes you, be that on theEast London line or the Jubilee line, or wherever.’

Geographical differences aside, there’s one other new element: guests won’t be SMSed location details. This time round, they’re texted a clue, kickstarting a treasure hunt they need to complete to locate their dinner. Other than that?

You won’t know until you get there. But that’s the beauty of Gingerline: it’s a voyage into the unknown.

Gingerline Jubilee opens on Sep 24. Register for updates at gingerline.co.uk.

Previous Gingerline experiences:

Once upon a Gingerline
A quick crawl through a four-foot door and guests found themselves in a room transformed into a magical wood. There were servers dressed as Rumpelstiltskin, an animated moon reading out whimsical poetry and neon-lit toilets.

Night at the Circus
Set in the baroque cornucopia that is Prangsta Costumiers, this Russian circus-themed evening saw dancing girls dance and accordionists accordionise as guests tucked into a Siberian feast. Which was just as vodka-heavy as it sounds.

Four courses of inspired fine dining in a space decked out like a spy bunker from the 1940s. Between courses, guests had to complete tasks to try to bust a crime syndicate, only to discover that… DUN DUN DUN… they were sat next to its members the whole time! Always the way.

The Hideout
Undoubtedly Gingerline’s most batty project: an ex-council building was decked out as a spaceship and food was themed around the cuisine of a fictional planet – including goat’s cheese lollipops and white chocolate spheres topped with poppy-seed-flavoured blue caramel. The finale? A raucous performance of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen. Why? Oh, just go with it. Everyone else did.

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