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Londoners save Notting Hill Carnival soundsystems

Posted at 3:15 pm, August 12, 2014 in Music & Nightlife, News
Notting Hill Carnival © David Tett

Licensing laws are one of London’s greatest vibe-killers. Don’t believe us? We have proof: a couple of weeks back, Time Out gave you the news that three stalwart Notting Hill Carnival soundsystems might not be returning this year to bring the party like they have done for the last 32 years. This was due to Westminster Council insisting that they needed a permanent licence rather than their usual temporary one. Channel One was in real danger of becoming Channel None, Sir Lloyd was set to have his title revoked and the plug was about to be pulled on Killerwatt. See? Vibe-killer.

Notting Hill Carnival © David Tett

But gaggles of right-thinking, party-loving Londoners banded together and did what Londoners do best: they wrote letters and they petitioned. And guess what? It only bloody worked! There are caveats, including a decibel limit, improved safety barriers and a promise that soundsystem staff will clean up after themselves. Which, hopefully should satisfy all the residents whose complaints led to Westminster Council imposing tougher licencing regulations in the first place. Either way, let’s celebrate, London. Because the party is now back on! (loud airhorn toot).

Find out more about the Channel One fundraiser happening on Thursday August 14 and here’s everything else you need to know about Notting Hill Carnival.

By Eddy Frankel

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