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12 more things never to do in London (as picked by you)

Posted at 10:15 am, August 14, 2014 in Fun London
People squash onto the London Underground © Ted Sullivan

Last week we brought you a round-up of ten things you should never do in London. From riding rickshaws to jumping queues, we thought it was pretty comprehensive. BUT, it turns out you had many more ideas to add to our list and many of you took to Facebook to let us know. Here are the 12 things Time Out readers think you should never do in London.

1. ‘Go to M&M’s World.’
(Via Agata Kruk)

2. ‘Don’t watch porn on your iPhone on the tube. I’ve seen that too often.’
(Via Laurie Mark)

phone gif

3. ‘Walk slowly. Especially in a group taking up the entire sidewalk so you can’t overtake.’
(Via Kate Tobin)

4. ‘Refuse to ‘seek assistance’ when the tube gates are very clearly telling you that’s what you should do.’
(Via Fong Chau)

5. ‘Make eye contact with ANYONE on the bus.’
(Via Stevie Allen)

eye contact gif

6. ‘Attempt to meet friends in the middle of Notting Hill Carnival. It’s almost impossible.’
(Via Nick Mullinar)

7. ‘Jog on the South Bank during busy periods. There are too many people and the paths are too narrow.’
(Via Darren Chadwick-Hussein)

8. ‘Take a black taxi in rush hour. It might seem like a hassle to shove through the crowds and wait for trains, but taking a taxi will rarely take you anywhere any faster in the London traffic.’
(Via Ingrid Øvsthus)

traffic gif

9. ‘Go to Harrods without arming yourself with some kind of weapon to move people out of the way.’
(Via Miranda Casagran)

10. ‘Spend ages at an ATM as if you’ve got all the time in the world! Londoners don’t have any spare time’
(Via Nick Wallace)

cash gif

11. ‘Stop in the middle of a goddamn busy pavement.’
(Via Keith Guillena-Hawkins)

12. ‘Believe you have seen all that London has to offer. I once saw a guy dressed as a caveman, walking down Shoreditch high street carrying a brief case and presentation folder, talking about his recent success in a meeting.. to himself.’
(Via Kurosh Farhadi)

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