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London on Instagram: @ZoeCaldwell

Posted at 5:10 pm, August 14, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, Photos of London

Welcome to our new ‘London on Instagram’ series! Over the coming weeks, we’re going to profile some of London’s best Insta-snappers and their incredible pictures. 

First up, it’s theatre producer Zöé Caldwell. Zöé moved to London from Sydney 11 years ago. She’s at her happiest in east London – especially Hackney Wick – and describes her photography style as ‘spur of the moment’. We asked her to give us a guided tour of London via her Instagram account.

1. Out of all your pictures of London, which is your favourite?

‘This photo is one of my favourites because it’s my little piece of London. I took it from my balcony and it felt like the image just drifted into place without me having to move. I love capturing scenes from above and looking onto people going about their days.’

2. What’s your favourite landmark to snap?

‘I have a long standing, deep rooted love for the BT Tower. For a while I was tagging any photo I found of it with #BTporn, although like any healthy obsession it soon grew tired and I now find myself with somewhat of a schoolgirl crush on the Barbican. It’s such an obscure mountain of concrete with its hard lines and jagged edges.’

3. What’s your go-to filter? Do you use any additional apps? 

‘I do all of my editing in VSCOcam and I absolutely love it. I currently have it set up with 76 different filters to choose from. I’m also slightly addicted to SKRWT which straightens lines and makes everything perfectly symmetrical.’

4. Is there a photo you’ve taken that’s been unexpectedly brilliant? 

‘I adore this one of my friend Trent. I knew it was a keeper as soon as I snapped it. Mostly I love the movement that’s captured, it’s easy to imagine he is being abducted by the Space Invader!’

5. Where’s the best view in London?

‘It’s not the usual ‘scenic view’ as such, but I love visiting the Village Underground wall in Shoreditch to see the ever-changing array of artwork there. There is always something mind-blowingly elaborate popping up on that wall, and then the next day it’ll be painted over.’

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