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On sale tomorrow: Chvrches, Jamie T, Billy Idol and more

Posted at 3:00 pm, August 14, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

Set your alarms: tomorrow morning it’s time to snap up tickets for some of this week’s hottest newly announced gigs. Here are five we’re particularly excited about – check our weekly Just announced page for lots more.


This hotly tipped Glaswegian synthpop trio became one of British music’s biggest recent success stories in 2013 when they exploded onto the scene with their album ‘The Bones of What You Believe‘. Since then they’ve toured the world and soundtracked the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, and now they’re back in London for a big Brixton show that’ll sell out in no time at all.

Buy tickets here tomorrow at 9am

 jamie t


Coming straight outta Wimbledon armed with an acoustic bass in the mid-noughties, Jamie Treays crafted a funksome, singalong fusion of Billy Bragg, Bob Marley, and The Streets that secured him a Mercury nomination. Now he’s pushing 30 and getting ready to release his first album in five years, but to judge by this mindbogglingly enormous Ally Pally show it seems his fanbase haven’t deserted him.

Buy tickets here tomorrow at 9am

 karen o


One of indie’s most iconic frontwomen is taking a holiday from her main job shrieking for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to release her solo debut ‘Crush Songs’. She previews the album at these brilliantly intimate London shows, and might drop a few YYYs tracks into the set list too if you’re good.

Buy tickets here tomorrow at 9am

joey badass


Nas was always going to catch a lot of flack by stating ‘Hip Hop is Dead’ on his eighth album of the same name. Who better to prove him wrong than a kid who freakishly recalls the rhyme genius in his ‘Illmatic’ heyday? Aged just 17, Joey Bada$$ released the ‘1999’ mixtape in 2012 to great acclaim. He didn’t peddle any of the cornball cliches that currently infect hip hop (rave beats, pitched-down vocals and anthemic choruses). Instead, he just told it how he saw it from his native Brooklyn over beats that gave nods to hip hop’s jazzier past. Let’s hope Joey’s enormous talent starts a trend for a little more realness and less Kanye-esque swaggadocio.

Buy tickets here tomorrow at 9am

 billy idol


It’s a nice day to start again, apparently: platinum punk poser Billy Idol is back, after a few quiet years sitting on the pile of money he’s earned for hits including ‘Dancing With Myself’, ‘Eyes Without a Face’, ‘Rebel Yell’ and of course ‘White Wedding’. Idol’s touring band still includes the legendary Steve Stevens, and as long as he’s bleached his roots properly no-one in the audience tonight will notice his leathery face: they’ll be too busy crying ‘more, more, more!’. Although ‘the midnight hour’ might be a bit late to pay the babysitter until nowadays.

Buy tickets here tomorrow at 9am


Already on sale this week: FKA Twigs, Jenny Lewis, Lacuna Coil, Alabama 3, Francesco De Gregori, The Dunwells and more.

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