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Behold London’s amazing rainbow house

Posted at 5:30 pm, August 18, 2014 in Fun London
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Does your house have a slide in it? No? Four million quid can put that right today.

Architect Ab Rogers has fitted out this strikingly bonkers property off Portobello Road, which in addition to the steel slide features a multicoloured central spiral staircase and a 360 degree rotating master bed.


Each floor has a different colour scheme and the whole gorgeous confection is capped off by a roof garden enabling residents to gloat at the rest of us in style.

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If you’re struggling to come up with four million right away, fear not; in the meantime you can rent the four bedroom dream townhouse for just over £15,000 a month through property website Zoopla.

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Still not able to stump up the dosh? You could always live in a cupboard for £40 per week

By Andy Hill

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