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Have you spotted ‘chicken man’ yet?

Posted at 3:30 pm, August 18, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
'Flesh' - YouTube

If you haven’t seen this video of a man wearing a gimp suit made of chicken skins, prepare to be grossed out to the max.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube last week by performance artist Lewis G Burton. The 22-year-old’s been donning the full-body outfit for strolls around Canary Wharf and Camden in recent weeks, causing passers-by to giggle, squirm and look totally unexcited (this is London after all).

'Flesh' - YouTube

Lewis can only wear the costume (made out of six-month-old preserved chicken skins) for 45-minutes at a time to avoid blood poisoning from all the salt.

The chic(k) outfit’s part of a project called Flesh, which Lewis’s collaborator Victor Ivanov describes as an ‘experiment that examines the relationship between identity and its commodification through social medias’. Fans can purchase laptop covers, shower curtains and ping-pong paddles featuring the design.

Victor says: ‘My dream is to have the flesh persona and identity on lots of products in pound shops, face paints and paper cups – nothing expensive, rubbish that is cheap and nasty.’

Watch the clip below.

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