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Listen up! London is the most influential city in the world

Posted at 8:00 am, August 20, 2014 in Fun London, News

City View. Photo: Umbreen Hafeez
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‘We got the power!’ So London, it turns out we’re kind of a big deal. According to American business publication Forbes, our fair city is more influential than New York, Tokyo, Paris, Beijing… and anywhere else, for that matter.

Thanks to our prime location as a transport hub, a favourable regulatory framework for business, the English language and stable political and legal systems, we can justly claim to be some kind of awesome global daddy when it comes to leading the way in business.

There’s a sting in the tail though. The United Kingdom is apparently now a ‘second-rate power’ and part of London’s success is to do with the fact that for most of modern history it’s been at the top, and is thus hard to dislodge by upstarts such as Dubai. As Forbes’ article puts it ‘…inertia and smart use of it is a key theme…after more than a century of imperial decline [London] still ranks No. 1 in our survey.’ Ouch.

Still, even if one day we lose our edge in the business world, we can still make some fairly legitimate claims to pre-eminence in, oh, I don’t know, cuisine, music, fashion, literature, art, technology and more. Take that, world!

Need convincing? We’ll give you three guesses which city has the most millionaires.

By Andy Hill 

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