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This is what London looks like from the International Space Station

Posted at 2:30 pm, August 20, 2014 in Photos of London
London from Space ©NASA

London from Space, 2014 ©NASA

Prepare to have your life put into perspective: NASA has shared an aerial snap of London taken from the International Space Station.

Shot from an altitude of 221 nautical miles (because apparently nautical miles are what they use up in space), the picture was snapped back in July by an Expedition 40 crew member. It shows a vast amount of our city in gorgeous detail – including the Thames clearly winding through the middle.

This isn’t the first time NASA’s given us a glimpse of how London looks from space. The organisation has previously shared two night-time snaps of the capital on its Flickr account, one from 2013 and another from 2003.

London from Space ©NASA

London from Space, 2013 ©NASA

London from Space ©NASA

London from Space, 2003 ©NASA

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