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This is one way to get dog owners to scoop the poop

Posted at 2:30 pm, August 21, 2014 in News
Spelthorne Borough Council

‘What a cute picture of a little kid eating chocolate… oh, OH GOD.’  That’s the standard reaction to this anti-dog fouling poster commissioned by Spelthorne council.

Pasted around playgrounds and open spaces in Surrey, the sign features a boy wiping unidentifiable brown mush on his mouth and says ‘children will touch anything’. It’s part of the council’s hard-hitting ‘No Messin’ campaign from 2013.

While the child-wiping-poo-on-face image has faced criticism online for being ‘vile’, the council’s defending the eye-catching sign.

A spokesperson said: ‘The campaign is hard-hitting and encourages everyone to take a stand against this issue. Dog waste, as well as being unsightly, is dangerous. Children are particularly susceptible because of their habit of putting fingers in mouths.’

Happy to scoop-the-poop? See the cutest pet dogs in London? No messin’.

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