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London on Instagram: @marcmorz9

Posted at 10:00 am, August 22, 2014 in Photos of London

Welcome to our new ‘London on Instagram’ series! Over the coming weeks, we’re going to profile some of London’s best Insta-snappers and their incredible pictures.

Marco Morselli is an Italian lawyer who’s fallen head-over-heels for London. Living between Little Venice and Bayswater, he describes the area as his photography ‘hunting ground’ but also heads to Kensington and Chelsea, or along Regent’s Canal to get snap happy.

Marco’s Instagram account @marcmorz9 is filled with bold shots of London landmarks. He says: ‘Honestly, I don’t have a place to go to take pictures, I just go around and when something inspires me… then click!’

We asked Marco to give us a guided tour of London via his Instagram account.

1. Out of all your pictures of London, which is your favourite?

‘This is my favourite picture. I took it in my early days here. Although it’s a quite popular view, it represents one of the most wonderful sides of London:  the variable weather. It can go from raining to clear sky in just a few minutes, offering amazing views like this.’

2. What’s your favourite landmark to snap?

‘I am a Big Ben addict. I could mention so many other places to appear less ‘ordinary’, but I have to confess that when I come across it I feel like if I met an old friend. It’s always there, a reassuring presence.’

3. What’s your go-to filter? Do you use any additional apps?

‘I sometimes use VSCOcom, sometimes Cortexcam, but mostly I just open my iPhone camera and that’s all. I often use Snapseed to settle the picture before I transfer it on to Instagram, and, at times, Squaready when I need to resize it.’

4. Is there a photo you’ve taken that’s been unexpectedly brilliant?

‘Once in a while everything is so perfect that I don’t need to do anything but resize a photo.’

5. Where’s the best view in London?

‘It’s impossible to choose. I think that every view here can be the best one: the most famous location, the most hidden corner, a person, a park, a market, the tube, even a pavement can offer fantastic views of what London is.’

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