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Psychic Sonya predicts London’s next big sporting trend

Posted at 3:15 pm, August 23, 2014 in Fun London, News
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Your faithful blog mistress and amateur medium looks into her crystal ball and reveals what will be the next big thing.

Hello, Madame. What can you see in your crystal ball this week?
A load of balls.

No changes there then…
Oh hush. My psychic spidey sense foresees that following on from table football, bowling and ping pong, crazy golf shall be the next sporting activity whose hip makeover will give Londoners wood.

How so?
Putt Putt #2, an art installation that’s a playable mini-golf course recently opened in Croydon,and there’s a new Swingers club opening in Shoreditch in September.

Is this, ahem, a ‘keys in the bowl’ type of affair?
You wish. Swingers is a threemonth- long, pop-up golf course and street-food ‘clubhouse’ near Old Street. There’ll be sustenance from Pizza Pilgrims, Patty & Bun and When Mac Met Cheese. Sounds great.

Will we find you down on the green, then?
Yes you will. I like big putts and I cannot lie.

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