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TfL launches new map by kidding around with goats on the tube

Posted at 6:00 pm, August 28, 2014 in Transport

Commuters at Vauxhall station may have had a bit of a hold up this morning as a herd of goats went through the barriers. But what was this outing for the four-legged friends from neighbouring Vauxhall City Farm in aid of? A publicity stunt to mark the launch of a new overground map of the Victoria Line, of course.


Did the livestock get the chance to actually take a ride on the tube? Sadly not.


There were also some alpacas tethered outside the station but they didn’t even get a chance to use their Oyster cards. Bet they were livid.


The best thing about this whole animal escapade? The expressions of the guy in the cap and the woman with the bag in the two photos above.

Still confused? Vauxhall City Farm is one of the highlights of the new map:


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