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Water way to go! Jumping, snoozing and rescuing: London’s swimming news

Posted at 10:00 am, August 28, 2014 in News
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As summer rolls unstoppably into autumn, Londoners are desperate for a final dip before cold grips the city for good. Frankly, it’s leading to some pretty odd behaviour.

Thames Lido planners have a bit of a rethink

A few months ago, plans were released for a lido that floats in the Thames. Seemed a bit weird – did the organisers of this bathing pool not know that the water can be a bit, erm, icky at times? Thankfully, they’ve come to their senses and last week amended the plans to use fresh, non-river water instead.

Man drops into the Thames

What better way to ensure you get an early morning dip than precariously sleeping on the wall of Victoria Embankment? Which is exactly what one nocturnally challenged man recently did, lying down on the river wall near Blackfriars Bridge for a late-night snooze… then promptly rolling over in his sleep and into the Thames, to await rescue by an RNLI lifeboat. Perhaps sleeping somewhere with a sheer drop into water isn’t the best idea after all.

kings cross lagoon

King’s Cross lagoon is delayed

Remember when we told you about the developers who were so keen to be able to swim outdoors in King’s Cross that they developed plans for a swimming lagoon there? Well, they’ve had to rethink the source of their water. Apparently, Regent’s Canal, which would have fed the pool, is too toxic for swimming. So, safe enough for shopping trolleys, rats and motorbikes, but not humans. Who’d have thought it?

Man jumps over into a canal

Regents Canal Jump FAIL

From Everest to the moon landings, whenever we humans encounter challenges, we are compelled to overcome them. But not all challenges should be accepted – just ask the chap who decided that Regent’s Canal was there to be jumped over. His reward for taking on such a daring stunt? Not the glory and respect he craved, but a sudden and thorough soaking. And, if the previous story is anything to go by, an urgent trip to the doctor.

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