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MakersCafe: 3D printing café opens in Shoreditch

Posted at 1:30 pm, August 29, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Technology

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Three-dimensional printing’s all well and good, but walk into your standard copy shop and ask them to do you a 3D print? Yeah, good luck with that.

Hence the creation of brand new Shoreditch venture, MakersCafe. It’s the UK’s first 3D printing café and is based in an adjoining room to the Old Shoreditch Station on the corner of Kingsland Road and Old Street. The lampshades are 3D printed, a printer sits in the window churning out objects and there are leaflets encouraging people to brainstorm an idea, then utilise the tech facilities so they can ‘go back to their table with a physical object and continue their discussion on it.’

‘It’s an intro to the technology,’ explains founder Soner Ozenc. ‘People see this stuff being written about in the press and have no idea how it looks. I thought that having a café to show people how it worked would be perfect. It’s the most street-level we can get.’

One thing you learn about 3D printing is that it’s not the speediest. Objects that could fit into the palm of a hand can take hours to print, so if you have a physical object you’re hoping to get a 3D printed duplicate of, you may want to head in the day before. Or, alternatively, pass the wait at one of their evening programme’s talks, workshops and events intended to showcase the ‘theatre of making’.

‘We’re gonna have a DJ playing soon, with our machines 3D printing the sound wave he’s creating,’ grins Ozenc. ‘I’m trying to combine 3D printing with music, with fashion, with anything creative.’

Which provokes a thought. You know how you can tell 3D printing is cool? Can you imagine anyone being taken seriously if they said any of the above about standard deskjet printers? Nah, us neither. Our brain has literally been taken to another dimension.

Find out more at makerscafe.com. For more cool, techie news have a read about this new app that promises to find you a bar that’s still serving.

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