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Famous Londoners take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted at 5:30 pm, August 30, 2014 in Fun London

Whatever you think about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, shit just got real. Why? Well, directors of the National Theatre Nicholas Hytner and Nick Starr took part this week.

The Olivier Award-winners showered themselves in sub-zero water to raise awareness for mental health charity Mind. They appear in their video holding signs and looking sombre as they face their challenge.

The duo aren’t the only famous Londoners to take part in the chilly charity fundraiser. Here are some of our favourite clips of our capital’s finest completing the challenge.

1. There’s a cameo from a swan in this Ice Bucket Challenge from the ‘War Horse’ puppeteers

2. ‘Hamlet’ star Benedict Cumberbatch does the challenge MULTIPLE times

3. West London resident David Beckham did the Ice BARREL Challenge…

4. But we loved Victoria’s video more

5. The cast of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ are LOUD

6. Tom Hiddleston is, err, buff 

7. Kate Moss did it on the beach… because she’s Kate Moss

8. Arsenal players Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs did it topless


9. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho took his challenge very seriously

10. Now we’re just waiting for Boris Johnson to take part

(He’s been nominated by Tooting MP Sadiq Khan AND Louis Tomlinson)

You can donate to the US ALS charity by heading here or donate to UK charity MNDA here

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